Identity Theft

Consider Yourself Safe?

Whether you’re at home or out and about, there are several activities you do every day that could put you at risk.

Online Shopping



Most online businesses take measures to ensure your transactions are secure, there is always a chance they will experience a data breach.


Banks or ATM's


Are you taking precautions when punching in your PIN? Think about the financial damage that could be done if your paying attention. 

Purse or wallet



Someone stealing or loosing your purse or wallet can create financial headaches you should have to deal with. 


Mail Service


Do you throw away mail with personal information? You could be putting yourself at risk by making that information available for anyone to receive. 

Phone or laptop


With the internet connection and protection we might feel secure when we're browsing the web, but the truth is there's always a good chance we may not be. 



If the forms you’ve filled out with your Social Security number‚ name, and address aren’t being stored securely‚ it could be putting you at risk.

Life and Identify Theft Protection

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What we'll do: We will maintain your credit every 30 days we dispute any and all negative credit on all three credit files; Transunion, Equifax and Experian and we will re-calculate your credit score every 30 days.


When you need or want new credit all you do is contact us and we will get you pre-qualified for that new house, car or credit card.

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