Establish Credit


The Importance Of Credit

There are a lot of benefits to having good credit. Lenders aren’t the only ones who look at your credit and credit history - employers, insurance companies, landlords, cell phone providers, and more can reference your credit history when they make decisions about you. That’s why having good credit may help you with everything from getting a job to getting a new cell phone service.


To build a credit history, you first must know which activities appear on your credit report. A credit report documents your credit activity, and keeps a record of your credit accounts and how responsibly you have paid them over time.



5 Steps To Starting Your Credit


Build Credit History

You can be added to someone else's credit card after they pay 3 months of billing there credit will now be your credit.
**Make sure they have great credit.




Get A Secured Credit Card

Obtain a secured credit card

Open Sky
Capital One
Your Local Bank



Set Up Credit Karma

After making three payments set up Credit Karma.
** Make sure you see your credit reports. 




View Your Credit Files

Make sure you can see your credit files through credit karma.



Get Pre-Qualified

Give us a call so we can help you manage your credit pre-qualify. We can pre-qualify you for a car loan, home loan, credit card with a higher limit.


We specialize in credit building let us help with establishing your credit... Give us a call 1-866-937-3225